The term “Punjab” is created up of two Local thoughts -Panj- and -Aab-. Panj indicates five and Aab indicates water. This name was probably given to this place perhaps in an era when this location came into near get in touch with with Persia. The Punjab was known as place of five estuaries and rivers because of the five estuaries and rivers that ran through it. They are Jhelum, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej and Chenab. Before Local interval of time this location was known by different brands at different instances. Probably, at the size of its wonder it was known as Sapta Sindhu, place of the seven estuaries and rivers, namely Sindhu (Indus), Vitasta (Jehlum), Asuhi (chenab), Purshin (Ravi), Vipasa (Beas), Satadru (Sutleg) and Saruri (Saraswati). The last one is a dry out river now and its remnants are discovered in the existing periodic channels that circulation near Pehowa in Haryana.

During Ancient profession, the property had reduced into the place masking the five estuaries and rivers. In 1947 when American native indian was portioned, the bigger 50 % of Punjab went to Pakistan. In 1966 the American native indian lesser 50 % was further separated into three: Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

According to 1991 age, its inhabitants came to 20.19 thousand. Punjab, thus symbolizes about 1.6 % of the place and 2.39 % of the inhabitants of the nation. The latitudinal and longitudinal expands the Punjab are from 29o 32- to 32o 32-N and 73o 55- to 76o 50-E.

Punjab is surrounded on the western side by Pakistan, on the Southern by Jammu and Kashmir, on the northern eastern by Himachal Pradesh and on the southern region by Haryana and Rajasthan. Actually, the condition may be separated into two parts; sub-Shivalik Line and Sutlebj- Ghaggar Basic. The Sub Shivalik strip protects the higher part of Ropar, Hoshiarpur and Gurdaspur regions. The Sutlej- Ghaggar simply holds the other regions of the Punjab.

For management reasons it is separated into three split and 45 sub-division. There are 12,342 areas and 134 areas in the condition.


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